Mind and Body Coach

Do you smile when you look in the mirror or judge everything “wrong” you see about yourself?

Are you tired of hearing its time to get "summer" body right?

It’s time to get comfortable in your own skin in every season!

Say No More To:

  • Cringing when you look in the mirror. Teach yourself how to love YOU, your individual authentic self, dimples and all!

  • Have you wasted money on gym memberships by not having the time to attend OR due to being intimidated?

  • Comparing yourself to your past or others

Camille Jones is the founder and

CEO of We Got This Mind and Body. She is a certified personal trainer who encourages women over 40 to love what they see in the mirror, the skin they are in, TODAY! Love their authentic journey through self love and self care.

Camille has created a unique program for women to enhance their mindset through masterclasses and build on their strength through mini fitness challenges.

She also is a powerful speaker at events that encourage the audience to take action on their self CARE and self LOVE within

You Got This,We Got This, Let's GO


Speaker and Motivator

Camille will leave you inspired through loving your authentic journey,building on self love and motivated to take action

Conference Audience




  • Fun
  • Dynamic
  • Inspirational

"Camille is very powerful speaker we

look forward to

hiring her again for our

next year conference"

Marj Desius - BBM

Crowd of fans

"What I love about Camille is her story telling skills.

you get sucked in fast

she paint the picture

very well, it's fascinating "

- ShayOliva

Camille is the most down to earth yet inspiring and motivating mind and body coach. She reminds me that self improvement is an inside job. Her workouts are simple yet effective and I love that people from all fitness levels can benefit from her routines. Thank you Camille for giving me that loving yet firm nudge that I need to get myself on track!

Deb R

YOU are your biggest investment and reward

NOW is the time to prove to yourself that you got this, don’t compare yourself to others as you know your self worth and committed to keep the fire of desire burning within ALWAYS!

Beauty is truly SKIN



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